Is your garden ready for summer?

Any homeowner knows how important it is to have a beautiful, thriving garden. Having a great garden involves a lot of planning and hard work. In anticipation of the hotter months ahead, it is important to prepare your garden and make it look its best. Mid-spring is actually the best time to get your garden ready for summer when the temperature is warmer and the flowers are in full bloom.

Here are some top gardening tips to prepare for the glorious summer months:

1. Give your lawn some TLC.

Make sure that your lawn will look its best for summer by giving it its first cut of the season. A neatly-mown lawn is really a joy to behold. Ideally, the mowing height should be at 2.5 to 3.5 inches in order to have a stronger root system and better resistance to drought. It is also important to aerate your lawn in order to encourage root growth, improve drainage, and to allow light and water to reach the soil. A wire rake is the best tool to use in aerating your lawn. It is a task that only needs to be done once a year.

2. Prune away.

Spring is the best time to give an overgrown shrub or tree a heavy prune. You can always hire someone to do it for you, but if you are in DIY mode, it should be a fairly easy task using a sharp tool. It is best to do it during the cooler spring months because it will allow the plant to recover with minimal stress. If pruning happens too close to summer, it might cause too much stress for the plant and may have fatal consequences.

3. Tidy up.

Around this time, you should be able to do basic garden maintenance such as sweeping leaves, cleaning the shed, and clearing out leaves or moss from gutters and drains. This is also a great time to clean your gardening tools. Your pruner, trowel, shovel, garden knife, spade, and rake should be in tip-top condition. It is also best to choose the best tools in the market. One of the best shovels in the market today is Tracey Tools’ Smart Shovel.

4. Mulch!

Mulch is important during the hot summer months because it protects the soil from direct sunlight and heat, so less moisture is lost from the soil. It also suppresses weeds and enriches the soil. When preparing mulch, remember that it should not be deeper than 3


5. Get your summer crops and blooms ready.

Now is the best time to prepare your summer crop. Whether you prefer vegetable, fruit, or flower seeds, you should be buying them now. You should get your soil ready by placing organic matter and composts to your garden. If you plan to grow beans, tomatoes, or zucchinis, you should also prepare your vegetable patch and the structures for the vines to creep on. Summer-flowering bulbs such as freesias, gladiolus, begonias, and lilies should be planted in mid-spring in time for them to bloom in the hotter months.

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