Frequently asked questions

Can the soil grate be detached?

No. Smart Shovel utilzes a durable, one-piece design with the soil grate fused to the spade. We find this to be the only way to build the shovel strong enough to back it with a lifetime warranty.

Can I place my foot in the traditional step plate area?

No. We have raised the step plate so that the top of the soil grate is where the foot is placed. This allows the full spade surface to be used. Note that this requires you to bring your foot up higher, and encourages a firm kick down on the plate. This is the proper way to use any shovel!

How heavy is Smart Shovel?

5.3 lbs. Identical to any other quality shovel on the market.

How does the soil grate work?

Easy! The dual action grating surface is used similar to how you use a cheese grater. Simply rub the dirt clump or root ball of a plant on the soil grate. The dirt breaks loose, falls through the grate, and slides down the spade! This fine, recued soil is now aerated and can be stored for future use or used to refill the hole digging created!

Where can I buy Smart Shovel?

True Value Hardware, Ace Hardware, with more coming soon!

How do I return or make a warranty claim?

At Tracey Tools, we stand behind each of our shovels and are more than happy to replace a damaged item. You may give us a call at (832) 228-8259, or simply return to the store you purchased from for a refund. For online purchases, follow the instructions that arrive with package.